Mee Goreng

Superchief  Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, 2014
Press: "The Hundreds" , “Freshwounds”

Excerpt below from “Vice Magazine”:

"Superchief Gallery have the Yok and Sheryo in residency preparing for their opening this Saturday— and since hopping off a plane from New York, they've painted everything that's been placed in front of them, including, but not limited to, the front of the gallery itself, two massive indoor murals, the box truck, the landlord's van, five resin sculptures they made in Indonesia, and a bunch of large-scale woodcuts hanging from the ceiling."


"FYI, Sheryo paints pizza slices that look like friendly teenage ratfink scumbags with hamburger eyes, walking on legs like a California raisin wearing hightop sneakers."

That’s Moby! 


Paintings on found wood..

"The Yok paints wise-faced weed-puffing deities that are part anime and part Jim Henson. So if your body is willing, able, and in the Los Angeles area, we not only recommend going but we implore you to get there early because there will be tattoos (which you can pick out from a flash sheet by the Yok and Sheryo themselves) and a shitload of free beer."



Trucks and vans were painted

and some tattoos went down...



it was a fun show we celebrated with friends and family in the Los Angeles area, thanks for all the support, and thanks for the beer @TigerbeerNYC.


Redbull + Crush Lab also came out to LA and did a little video about our lives: