Wooden Sculptures


A selection of wooden sculptures hand-carved by master artisans in South east Asia and designed by Yok & Sheryo. Each one is unique and a labor of love.
Please get in touch via sheryo@gmail.com for inquiries.

Photos by Uyen Cao 




“Fortune favors the Bold”
100cm (h) x 30cm(w) x 36 cm(d)
Hand-carved Suar Wood

“Double Fish Bonanza”
76cm (h) x 47cm (w) x 44cm(d)
Hand-carved Suar Wood

LEFT: “Demon Dog” 29 in (h) x 16 in (w) x 7.5 in (d)
RIGHT: “Beelzebub Wound Licker” 13 in (h) x 7 in (w) x 7 in (d)

LEFT: “Devil’s Day Off” 24 in (h) x 12.5 in (w) x 8 in (d)
RIGHT: “Don’t touch my food” 33 in (h) x 11 in (w) x 9 in (d) head only

LEFT: “Trap Fly” 12 in (h) x 8.5 in (w) x 11 in (d)
RIGHT: “Paradise Lost” 24 in (h) x 6 in (w) x 6.5 in (d)

LEFT: “Diablo’s Day Off” 16 in (h) x 9 in (w) x 10 in (d) head / 9 in (h) x 14 in (w) x 8 in (d) body
RIGHT: “I take a poop” 24 in (h) x 7 in (w) x 11 in (d)

LEFT: “Crocodile Yogi” 31 in (h) x 12 in (w) x 6.5 in (d)
RIGHT: “I See You, Crocodile” 30 in (h) x 15 in (w) x 7.7 in (d)

LEFT: “Your Rent’s Due” 24 in (h) x 6.5 in (w) x 6 in (d)
RIGHT: “Psychotropic Captain” 19,5 in (h) x 9 in (w) x 7.5 in (d)

LEFT: “Villain Vacation” 14 in (h) x 12 in (w) x 8.5 in (d)
RIGHT: “Good Luck Dragon Fortune” 24 in (h) x 13 in (w) x 6.5 in (d)